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Catering to London, Ontario and surrounding area, Chef Les can cater your perfect event!

Chef Les has been working in the food industry since 1990, after graduating from the prestigious Stratford Chefs School.  
"Chef Les Cooks" incorporates catering for both corporate and home functions, social gatherings, cocktail parties, backyard barbeques, and so much more.  Chef Les enjoys meeting new people, and his personable nature will put you at ease while he works with you to plan every detail of your special event.

Chef Les has moved to his new location, where he will continue to retail his delicious assortment of oven-ready meals, hors d'oeuvres, and fresh baked goods, including the "best buttertarts in London", as described by many of his clients!  Check out our website to view our newly released retail menu, as well as photos of many of the delicious items available at our store.   Our catering menus are also posted on our website to help you plan your special event, allowing you to sit back and enjoy your guests and party, and leave all the work and clean up to Chef Les and his staff!

Welcome to Chef Les Cooks!



Fresh Baked Pies with a Pound and a Half of Fresh Fruit!!
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What's New
Chef Les Catering is still going strong!! - Monday, February 9, 2015

As most of you are aware, we closed the retail section of Chef Les Cooks in the summer and have been concentrating on our catering since that time.  As of May, our landlord has sold the building, and the new owner will occupy the entire space, including the variety store and our location.  So, we will continue catering at our current location until approximately mid March, but after that we will rent commercial kitchen space on an “as needed” basis, rather than have the overhead of keeping a commercial kitchen running.  So in case you drive by and don’t see our sign, you can still reach us at our same phone number 519-858-1759 and our current email address, for all your catering needs.  Call us or email for a quote for your next catering function!


After over 7 years in business, we have decided to close the
retail section of our business and concentrate strictly on
catering as of the end of June. This was a very difficult
decision to make, with over 2 years working inside of
Sullivan’s Old North Market and now 5+ years at our
current location, but with the current economy, it just
makes sense to concentrate on the portion of our
business that is the most cost effective. We will continue
to cater business meetings, corporate lunches and
functions, cocktail parties, weddings, brunches,
birthday parties, or any event where catering services
are required. We will also continue to fill
catering orders that can be picked up at the
store at a specific time.
We plan to continue catering at our current
location for now, but are looking to find a
commercial kitchen that is more economical,
or ideally to share a space with someone
else since we will no longer have the retail
portion of the business. We will keep you
posted if our location changes in the next
few months. Also, we will continue to
prepare selected oven ready meals,
desserts and appetizers, but they will only
be available by custom order with a
minimum order required, and can be picked
up at a mutually agreed upon time at the
store. Ideally we would like to partner with
another business to offer our most popular
items, especially our butter tarts, so let us
know if you are aware of any opportunities
out there for us to pursue.
We hope you understand how difficult this
decision was. Working 60-80 hours/week
has taken it’s toll, so it’s time to cut back and
have more time to spend with family and
You will still be able to reach us at our same phone
number and email address for orders or catering
requests and our website and Facebook page will be
updated regularly with our status and location. The retail
store will be closing Friday June 27th at 6:00 p.m.
Chef Les Cooks on Facebook!Chef Les Cooks on Facebook! - Wednesday, March 13, 2013
It's been a work in progress, but we are proud to introduce our facebook page.  Check out some of our photos to see what we have available. 
"Like" and "Share" our facebook page with your friends and come in for a free buttertart on us!!


We are pleased to tell you about our retail menu now available online!  Customers have been asking for a listing of all of the delicious desserts, homemade oven ready meals, hors d'oeuvres, preserves and salads available at our store, so we have put together a brochure with all the items available, as well as serving sizes and prices for your convenience.  Please note that not all items are available every day, so please call ahead and place your order especially if you are looking for something specific!


CLICK HERE to view a copy of our NEW retail menu!




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